Rails et Histoire


L’AHICF s’est engagée depuis 2009 dans un processus de « refondation ».

In 2010, we particularly set out to introduce the association better and to restore the product of its activities to the different publics who are his according to their wait. Besides a planed evolution of our missions and our means to act, it was needed by this actions to augment our means by the increase of membership and to perpetuate the association so.

Since June, 2011, the Magazine of history of railways is available for the biggest number on the site www.revues.org, opened by the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to the scientific magazines.

Finally, preparative jobs in the renewal of our Internet site, intended to become a centre of online means for every person interested by railways, their history and their heritage, in link with other means and initiatives existing in this domain, were thrown in autumn, 2010 and will succeed in January, 2012. From April 2011, the catalogue of our documentary fund, organized and nourished since 2009, was approachable directly on the site.

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