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Colloque. Chemins de fer en Amérique latine, histoire et mémoire

L’Association internationale d’histoire des chemins de fer annonce son 5e colloque international, qui sera réuni à Santiago du Chili, du 12 au 13 septembre 2013 sur le thème : "les chemins de fer en Amérique latine, histoire et mémoire"

Appel à communication ci-dessous. Le colloque se tiendra en anglais et en espagnol.

Call for papers to the 5th IRHA Conference Railways in Latin America : History and Legacy (19th - 20th Century)

The International Railway History Association (IRHA) lauches the call for papers for its 5th International Conference, to be held in Santiago de Chile, Instituto Italiano de Cultura, September 12-13, 2013.

For the first time IRHA-AIHF-AIHC will organize its congress outside the European continent. Latin America is one of the regions where the railway system developed rapidly in the nineteenth century. Latin American specialization in trade and export by using the railway system became the primary means for transporting and extracting raw materials and intermediate products from the interior to the ports of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Caribbean sea, going to European or USA markets. Railways continued throughout the twentieth century playing a central role in Latin America’s economy and society. However the intense use of the railway system was not accompanied by a process of improving the railway network at the end of the century. This led to the loss of profitability and capacity of railway life. The liberalization process practised by the policy makers in the region gave way in many countries to the reduction of the railway system progressively. Since then, the railways have become a secondary mode of transportation, being residual in the transport system in many countries of Latin America. The purpose of the IRHA conference is to debate from a historical point of view the railway system’s contribution for the whole region and also individual countries. The IRHA is interested in receiving papers dealing with all economic and social aspects of railways in Latin America. Some aspects are part of our interest but we are open to receiving any others such as :
- Infrastructure (viaducts, bridges, stations, electrification systems)
- Rolling stock (wagons, platforms) and traction (locomotives, tractors) ;
- Social and economic aspects, including railway workers and their unions and organization ; managing and performance of railway enterprises ; local and international investments in railways.

Interested candidates must send a proposal of not more than 1,000 words to : submissions [at] aihc-irha-ahicf.com

The deadline for this proposal is December 31, 2012.

Official languages are English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation is provided. More details (fees, hotels) will follow soon.

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